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Application Overview

Inform, be nimble, increase engagement, allow self-service, make the experience clean, simple and intuitive.

Today’s businesses need an internet presence that is clean and intuitive while at the same time increasing engagement with their customers and visitors. The top questions we get on a regular basis are:

  • How can I get noticed
  • How do I deal with Social Media
  • Is there a way to cut down on the amount of paperwork and process I have to do
  • Can I make it easy to service my customers in a more efficient manner
  • How to I update information on a timely basis to keep my customers informed

Coupled with these questions is always the question that never gets asked until the design and implementation work is done: “Am I being successful?”

We here and Take Charge believe that the ultimate goal is for your internet presence to increase engagement across the board. What do we mean by engagement?

  • More visitors
  • Convert more visitors to customers/clients
  • Increase self-service and therefore customer satisfaction
  • Remove barriers to monetary transactions

We leverage the latest technologies in a cost effective manner that incorporate analysis and support for increase the effectiveness of your targeting efforts.