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Hosting Overview

Hosting of your Internet business, whether it is a website, e-commerce, email provisioning or event management needs to be more than cost effective. It needs to be reliable, scalable and responsive.

Often we encounter clients that want to keep the price as low as possible but have not been told the trade-offs of different approaches. We like to make sure that our clients make informed decisions.

For example:

Cost versus Performance has trade-offs that many don't realize. Often the lowest cost solution means that you are sharing the same server as others - sometimes hundreds. In a shared hosted scenario other sites on the same server compete for resources which means your site may be impacted.

While that may not be an issue, it's important to note that search engines take site performance into account when ranking sites. If the goal of your site is to increase it's SEO value, then low performance may impact the site ranking significantly. If the goal is to have a presence but keep costs low, then this is a viable option if SEO is not critical.

As always, there are trade-offs. We help you understand the differences so you can get the best value for your expenditure.

Take Charge offers different approaches to your needs:

  • Server Company Evaluations : which ones are reliable, cost effective and provide what is needed
  • Shared Hosting : Low cost but we make sure the server is still responsive
  • Virtualized Hosting : You site has a dedicated "chunk" of a server which allows for finer grain control of resources
  • Cloud Hosting : Use only what you need but be prepared for needing more
  • Whatever your needs, let us know and before we do anything, we make sure we understand your needs and let you know the options.